It’s Final; the CEO Has Decided that We Are Going to Have Our Corporate Meeting this Year in Evergreen, Colorado!

All members of our high-powered corporate team will be happy to hear that President Perkins has decided that this year we will have our corporate meeting in scenic, charming Evergreen, Colorado.

Evergreen is about 15 miles west of Denver and is surrounded by many lush green, almost completely unspoiled mountain parks, including Bergen Park, Dedisse Park, Corwina Park, and many, many more. When you’re in Evergreen, you feel like you are out in the wild, wild West.

But don’t worry: it’ll be easy for you to get to wherever you want to go in Evergreen, because for all it’s wild pristine nature, Evergreen has its own taxi company, which you can call upon to take you anywhere—even to downtown Denver. You will find that taxi company at

President Perkins says that the reason he decided on Evergreen this year was because so many of you had told him how much you enjoyed our last corporate meeting, in the summer of 2015, at Estes Park, Colorado. And he wanted to give you another taste of the Rocky Mountain State.




Evergreen, Colorado is a very historic place. Before the Colorado gold rush began, back in 1859, Evergreen was part of the treaty lands ceded to the Ute Indians and the Arapahoe Indians.

The first white settlers in the area were French fur traders. Later lumberjacks arrived on the scene, attracted by the vast virgin forests which would provide abundant lumber for mining operations and for building.

The earliest wooden building in the area was a bunkhouse created in 1860, for the use of the lumberjacks. That bunkhouse, now greatly expanded, is still there to be seen in Evergreen.

All in all, Evergreen has a very colorful history, full of pioneering legend and lore, and we think that all of you on the corporate team will have a wonderful stay there during the three days of our corporate meeting this year.





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